The truth is none of these

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The truth is none of these

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That's the biggest laugh of the all. These guilds came to incendius to wow classic goldcontrol. Every one knows the horde on incendius are definitely the horde in North America. They did their study weeks in our discord. Alliance was taking the world back. Tribe was a shit guild that is toxic. Clique was a pve. Yang gang went raid logging following taking many azuregos for themselves and being toxic and broke off by the horde. It was so ununited although 60/40 may be said by it. R and forte were the only guilds and they were Zerg guilds.

In includes 3 top 50 ally guilds plus a bunch more essentially destroy the power balance farther. Then lowercase makes you believe, and that come along and invisibly it looks like the guilds are relatively balanced and gang decides to start pvping. Then it crazy laggy, queues, bwl wiping and whatnot. But incendius was actually only a gamer daddy server where the horde guilds were so far up their ass that people think the horde dominated at 60/40. Horde top guilds were similar to their faction tbh.

This is only one of the largest misconceptions of Yang Gang imo. The truth is none of these, although we tried to work together with other horde guilds to secure world bosses. We were the one we were the ones coordinating pvp. The simple truth is that other guilds needed while they obtained the kill which they didn't work for us to hold off the alliance, so we got frustrated cause we fought literally guilds on the NA servers' alliance coalition by ourselves. Presented with a actual guild wanting and prepared to coordinate and work with us Just when who trasnfered over were we, and also the results of the were horde were procuring world boss kills once more.

As a non yang ganger I really don't see where everyone is receiving the noxious label from. Yang gang were the only ones who have alts parked in azshara summoning and viewing. They put in the job and people were mad that yang wouldn't share kills although everyone else was showing up late following yang announced every spawn.From a first incendian alliance standpoint (and I'm talking before any of those scum transfers) the greatest irony in the horde guilds tagging Yang Gang poisonous is the fact that Yang Gang announcing the predominate in world discussion (as well as the geographical vicinity to Orgrimmar) was not the only reason horde ever got an azuregos kill. Kazzak and the fact horde never obtained even one kill on everybody in the alliance coalition knew it and him is evidence that the guilds were simply idle crap riding Yang Gangs jacket tails.The problem with WoW threads is that it's hard to maintain an open mind. Full disclosure: I am playing with the retail WoW, been doing so for years. I really don't have some issues with BfA. It is not WoD either, although it's no Legion. So basically, it is a headbutt competition between"Blizzard can do no wrong" and"Blizzard did everything wrong", possibly attracting their own preconceptions. We've got an example :"Blizzard laid off 800 workers". The article said,"800 workers across multiple sub-companies within A-B and divisions between those companies were laid off". Whether this is really a"bad" thing is dependent upon how you look at it, even though I doubt that"they totally gutted cheap wow gold classic service staff.

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Re: The truth is none of these

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